I Can Haz Home?

I think I complained about Alabama’s lack of snow the entire time I was there. Even in July, when it wasn’t snowing in New York anyway. I missed those glory days when I would walk to school uphill both ways in six feet of snow, bootless, mittenless, and frostbitten. Well, I’m back in the Northeast now, and it hasn’t stopped snowing all day.

It’s beautiful. And I want nothing more than to leap around in it with my tongue out like Lucy (I believe she said January snow was the best, right?). But the roads here aren’t so great today. In fact the horses and buggies seem to be the only ones out today. Perhaps it’s because studded snow-tires are illegal in Pennsylvania. (I wonder if the horses are allowed to stud their shoes? Maybe that’s why they’re still able to clop around?

So I was under a bit of self-inflicted house arrest today, which was probably a good thing since I still had boxes all over the house, and was picking outfits out of suitcases as of last night. But not anymore! I spent the day cleaning, organizing and unpacking stuff the best I could, and behold! I have a house now!

Kennedy is thrilled. No really. I know I usually tease about my cat, but the truth is she hasn’t been herself the last couple days, and I think a lot of that had to do with chaotic living situation. Another big factor is probably the fact that I leave for work before it’s light out, and don’t get home til it’s dark again — she’s not used to being alone all day. Maybe she misses my Bama roommates? Anyway, she gave me the big blue eyes this morning. I swear I heard her meow “I can haz home?”

So I had no choice but to give that cat an organized home. I did not, however, share my cheezburger.

Here’s a quick slideshow of my place, if you happen to care. It’s not much, but I think it’ll do just fine for six months or so.


Long, Strange Trip

I have to admit I was sad to see Alabama go as Boyf and I blew out of town the other day. Three days and 1,200 miles later, I’m back in the northeast.


Kennedy kicked him out of the car

Kennedy kicked him out of the car

It’s hard to believe it was Boyf’s first real road trip. I mean, he’s 23 years old. But I have to say he did a good job hanging in there, and we managed to make it back home without any major problems. (Unless you count the emergency Boyf-pick-up in Atlanta due to weather-related flight delays and cancellations) No tow-truck experiences at the Philadelphia city line, no running through police barriers in downtown Philly, no multiple car stalls in a Virginia rest area, and no smoking engine on the highway to the Gulf Coast – not that I’ve had any (cough, all) of those experiences at one point or another . . .



Instead I got to see some quality Boyf-Kennedy bonding. Although she did try to kick him out of the car and score an extra seat for herself as we entered Virginia on night one. And they clearly still have their differences.


Blue Plate Diner, Chattanooga Tennessee

We found a great place to eat in Chattanooga, Tennessee (by “we found” I mean “my boss recommended”). If you’re ever in Chattanooga you should definitely stop by the Blue Plate Diner – it’s right next to the aquarium downtown, and they have great food. Be warned though, it’s not typical diner food, but my shrimp taco was amazing, and I don’t remember seeing any scraps of fried chicken left on Boyf’s plate.



The rain really started barreling down after we left the diner and continued through the rest of Tennessee and into Virginia. Needless to say we got slowed down a bit from the weather and ended up staying in Blacksburg instead of Fort Royal, setting us a bit behind. (I blame this completely on Boyf, who always drives the speed limit . . . SLOW)


So the next day we woke up and checked out of our five-star accommodations (Super-Eight anyone?) to hit the road again. We had to fly drive through Philadelphia quick to grab his suitcase, which he tied to the roof of my already-overloaded station wagon – Kennedy and I thoroughly enjoyed watching him circle the car with rope in hand as he was fastening the bag to the top. It was like watching a medieval kid play with a May Pole – which set us back another couple hours. So I ended up crashing with his family in Scranton.


The next morning I was off and home, just me and the cat. I’m not quite sure if she missed him.


Kennedy debates whose company she prefers. Maggie wins.

Kennedy debates whose company she prefers. Maggie wins.











I’ve made my 1980’s yearbook picture, turned myself into a Simpson’s character, and even an M&M. But today I think I finally discovered the most poisonous online time-waster yet. Did you know I Can Has Cheezburger has a page for you to create your own LOLz??

Neither did I. But I do now. Witness, Kennedy pleading to Boyf: Please Boyf, don’t make me into a sandwich.

I might never be productive again.

I might need to go on the LOL Patch . . .

I might need to go on the LOL Patch . . .

Woman’s Best Friend

Kennedy is just about all grown up now.

Kennedy is just about all grown up now.

Remember about a year ago when I posted, half-joking, that my future belonged to a Siamese cat? Well, for those of you who don’t personally know me, I feel as though I should update you.

Kennedy is now 9 months old. And yea, she basically owns my life. Ever watch Gilmore Girls? Well she’s sort of the Paul Anka of my life. The other night I discovered she’s actually afraid of sprinkles. You know, like those colorful candies you cover cookies with? Yea those. She can’t figure out what to do with them, and sort of paws at them for a minute, then shrinks in horror when they roll around. Entertaining, yes – but pathetic nonetheless.

Needless to say, I love having a cat. Even though I have to lint-roll the ironing board before use (she thinks it’s a delightfully padded bunk bed), torture myself finding housing that will accept a cat (harder than you think), throw out another pair of stockings every week, hold my plate at my eye-level while eating, padlock the garbage (and my roommate’s bedroom door), and replace five keys on my computer keyboard. But when it comes down to it, it’s nice to know I have a built-in friend when I saddle up and move 1,000 miles away.

And we’ve had some adventures together. Like the time I gave her a bath and she bit me so hard my whole arm swelled up. I mean, who doesn’t love getting shots and going on antibiotics? Or what about the time she went number-two on a pile of tissue paper I was preparing to stuff in a gift bag? Or the second time she bit me mid-bath? The first time she peed on me after a bath? (Maybe I should stop giving her baths).

In all honesty, I’m a total cat lady, and I love her to pieces. Life with a cat is pretty unique, which is why I almost laughed my face off (Seriously. It almost got away from me) when I saw these videos earlier today. If you like cats, or even hate cats, but know what it’s like to live with them, check these out. But hold your face on tight . . . you never know.

Today’s links provided by YouTube . . . and myself (narcisisst)