4 New Nuggets of Wisdom

It’s been a while since I blogged, but instead of rambling on with apologies, I’m just gonna go ahead with my post.
I realized a few things this week.

1.)    My room really wreaked of cat. I’m back “home” now (read: Knox, NY), and working on unpacking the contents of my station wagon, which include . . . well, all my worldly possessions.

I had a pretty big room in Kutztown, so I didn’t really notice that Kennedy had laid upon every single square inch, leaving a distinct kitty-cat scent. But once all my stuff was packed into my Subaru, I observed the feline funk. Fast-forward three days: It hasn’t stopped raining since I landed in Upstate NY, so I haven’t been able to really give unpacking a fair shake. But every once in a while, the clouds part, and I’m able to steal a box or two away from Big Mama and hurry them inside. Every time I crack the trunk open, I get a waft of kitten. Note to self: Bathe Kennedy more frequently.
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A Sad, Sad Day

Look, I get it that she’s matured. I embrace it. Yes, I loved her Candy days – but let’s be honest she was 15 back then. And I was 13 – so she should have been singing stuff like that and I should have been listening. Then she was 20, singing Carol King, and as an 18 year old, I totally dug it. Fast forward another couple years – she’s 23, I’m 21, and she comes out with her new folksy album Wild Hope. Continue reading

I Am Such A Bum

It's Been A Rough Weekend

It's Been A Rough Weekend

It’s been quite the weekend.

Saturday I woke up without heat or hot water. Awesome. I called a repairman, who told me it would be about 5 or 6 hours before he could white-horse it to my rescue. In the mean time, my cute little farmhouse turned into a frosty deathbox, growing colder by the minute. Continue reading

Rain or Shine

It’s almost Super Bowl time, and I’m in a prime location. This year, for a limited time only, Maggie G is broadcasting live from Pennsylvania. I’m living just outside of Allentown, which puts me in prime Eagles territory. And I have to tell you, I’m excited at the prospect of an all-Pennsylvania showdown. Continue reading

I Can Haz Home?

I think I complained about Alabama’s lack of snow the entire time I was there. Even in July, when it wasn’t snowing in New York anyway. I missed those glory days when I would walk to school uphill both ways in six feet of snow, bootless, mittenless, and frostbitten. Well, I’m back in the Northeast now, and it hasn’t stopped snowing all day.

It’s beautiful. And I want nothing more than to leap around in it with my tongue out like Lucy (I believe she said January snow was the best, right?). But the roads here aren’t so great today. In fact the horses and buggies seem to be the only ones out today. Perhaps it’s because studded snow-tires are illegal in Pennsylvania. (I wonder if the horses are allowed to stud their shoes? Maybe that’s why they’re still able to clop around?

So I was under a bit of self-inflicted house arrest today, which was probably a good thing since I still had boxes all over the house, and was picking outfits out of suitcases as of last night. But not anymore! I spent the day cleaning, organizing and unpacking stuff the best I could, and behold! I have a house now!

Kennedy is thrilled. No really. I know I usually tease about my cat, but the truth is she hasn’t been herself the last couple days, and I think a lot of that had to do with chaotic living situation. Another big factor is probably the fact that I leave for work before it’s light out, and don’t get home til it’s dark again — she’s not used to being alone all day. Maybe she misses my Bama roommates? Anyway, she gave me the big blue eyes this morning. I swear I heard her meow “I can haz home?”

So I had no choice but to give that cat an organized home. I did not, however, share my cheezburger.

Here’s a quick slideshow of my place, if you happen to care. It’s not much, but I think it’ll do just fine for six months or so.

Better Annie than Oliver Twist

Perhaps my greatest fear is that of being an orphan. Not that you would really refer to a 22 year old as an orphan, but I digress. One day last semester, I got a call on my cell phone from an emotional woman telling me my father had been in a car wreck and I should head down to the hospital as soon as possible.  I clearly panicked. Then after another couple minutes on the phone with my messenger, I discovered she had dialed the wrong number. Thank the Good Lord. It was about nine months after my mom had passed away and I was not ready to say Peace Out to the reigning Gordon.

Being an orphan can’t be fun.

But you know what can be fun? New jobs (sigh, I mean internships). Especially when the first day of your new job includes overhearing a rousing game of football in the middle of the office, and watching your editor roll by on a scooter. AND as if that’s not good enough, did I mention the PIZZA in the dining hall?? Mmmmm. Add those on to the seemingly abundant pile of work I’ll have over the next six months, and this little girl is in Type-A, Blue-Collar Heaven. (Minus the Tom Petty soundtrack, though I’ll check on their iPod policy later this week . . . )

So when I texted Boyf to let him know about the delightful day I was having, he replied:

“(Little Orphan Annie Voice) I think I’m gonna like it here!” – Boyf

I giggled a bit. Partially because he usually has the voice of a church organ, three octaves below middle C, partially because I can see him squirming in horror as his mom and lil sis force him to watch that fabulous musical, and partially because . . . Well, I think I’m gonna like it here!

And throwing on a lil red dress and ankle socks sure beats having to walk up to an assigning editor with my desktop empty and palms out, saying “Please Sir, I’d like some more work.” Poor Oliver 😦

A New State of Mind

My new house in Kutztown, PA

My new house in Kutztown, PA

It’s been a hectic week so far. I left DC Friday morning, dropped off some stuff in Kutztown and signed my lease then drove back to Albany. I spent the night there, then drove BACK here again in the morning on Saturday. It’s Sunday night now and I’ve gotten sort of settled in my new place. Work starts tomorrow morning, then I have to drive back to Albany again Tuesday morning for my Uncle Rick‘s funeral. I’ll stay up there til Thursday morning, then drive back down so I can get back to work on Friday morning.

Big Mama’s been working overtime, that’s for sure. It’s about a 500 mile roundtrip to head home and back, and she’s in need of an oil change (and a car wash!) But while life has been a bit crazy lately, I’ve been able to feel out Kutztown and the greater Lehigh Valley since my arrival here yesterday. I did a dry-run to work this morning (yea, I know it’s dorky, but that’s one of those things I just have to do before I start a new job).

 Route 222 toward Reading is a popular road I guess . . .

Route 222 toward Reading is a popular road I guess . . .

Then I went to the store and got a few things for my house. On my way there I got stuck behind a horse and buggy — I kid you not! My Big Cuz (who went to Kutztown University) had warned me about the possibility of this happening, but I had brushed him off, thinking he was pulling my leg. Leg unpulled. The Amish rep this hood in full force.

And as much as I’ve been grumbling about it, I have to admit, I kind of like Pennsylvania so far.  I found a great family-owned pizza joint down the street from me with a killer calzone last night, and I’m surrounded by farm land (score! Farm Girl gives Two Thumbs Up for this one), cute farm houses, homemade chocolate shops and other quaintdorable little businesses. Not to mention mini-golf (which Boyf will fall victim to when he emerges from Studyville in a couple weeks). And I’m really close to Reading, which is where Jon and Kate (plus 8!) live. I’m totally gonna try to find them.

Work’s not too far away, and there’s a Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks (coffee, coffee, coffee) right on my way — and my gym is there too. Cuz coffee is a fit body’s number one enemy. Unforch.

Again, if anyone knows of cool things to do in Kutztown or nearby please let me know!!! I’m hoping to make the most out of the next six months 🙂

Today’s pix taken with my phone . . . sorry bout the quality.