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I don’t know about you, but milk and cheerios is pretty much a necessity for Maggie Gordon. Just think. Dairy. Wheat. Those banana slices your dad always threw in so it didn’t actually taste like your morning ritual was nutritious.

What would life be like without that huge ceramic bowl of wonder? Well, it just wouldn’t be worth living, would it?

No. Life without milk and cheerios isn’t worth living at all…

But Just Who Is This Maggie Character?


Maggie is a recent graduate of Syracuse University with dual degrees in newspaper journalism and women’s studies. Milk and Cheerios is her first foray into the blogosphere. Well, unless you count her rundown MySpace page.

While blogging is completely new to her, she has been writing since she could teach her hand to grip a pencil. Maggie is currently writing her eighth (unpublished… but praying) novel, which focuses on the college years of four best friends sentenced to live the life of RAs. Her previous works have all been coming of age stories, often dealing with family illnesses, eating disorders, death, and mental illness… then of course there are the sappy love stories (who doesn’t love a good teen crush?).

She has to admit that she’s done a less-than-stellar job keeping this blog updated lately, and is constantly making personal vows to post more frequently. Since starting this little site of hers, she’s had more than 50,000 page views . . . which boggles (BLOGgles?) her mind. She’s also learned a lot more about the Internet, while serving as a web intern at CookingLight.com for six months in Birmingham, Alabama.

Who’s to say whether this blog thing will work out for the 22 year old, who mainly aspires to become a journalist.It started as a test as she spent a summer in the nation’s capital, interning at USA WEEKEND Magazine.

Maggie has previously interned at the Syracuse Post Standard Albany Times Union, and the Altamont Enterprise, and served as part of the editing team at SU’s only student-run weekly magazine, The Student Voice.

That’s right. She’s addicted to interning. Next stop: a men’s magazine in Pennsylvania.

Fun fact? This chick digs writing so much, she has a number two pencil tattooed on her. Yea, agreed. It’s a bit much, but three cheers for originality.

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6 Responses

  1. How do people contact you? If you have a contact form or e-mail on your blog, I’m missing it.

  2. Just click on “got something to say to me?”

  3. Hey! I’m a journalism student, too, and I really enjoy your blog. I hope you’ve had a good summer in DC!

  4. Hey, I don’t quite know how I stumbled onto your blog, but it’s a great read. I just graduated college with a BA in journalism, work in DC, and I really appreciate your writing style and humor. Good luck!

  5. This Blogg is unreal. LOVE IT!!!! You are amazing.

  6. I can verify that she indeed does have a #2 Pencil tattoo.

    I can also verify that it’s the nerdiest thing I’ve EVER seen.

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