4 New Nuggets of Wisdom

It’s been a while since I blogged, but instead of rambling on with apologies, I’m just gonna go ahead with my post.
I realized a few things this week.

1.)    My room really wreaked of cat. I’m back “home” now (read: Knox, NY), and working on unpacking the contents of my station wagon, which include . . . well, all my worldly possessions.

I had a pretty big room in Kutztown, so I didn’t really notice that Kennedy had laid upon every single square inch, leaving a distinct kitty-cat scent. But once all my stuff was packed into my Subaru, I observed the feline funk. Fast-forward three days: It hasn’t stopped raining since I landed in Upstate NY, so I haven’t been able to really give unpacking a fair shake. But every once in a while, the clouds part, and I’m able to steal a box or two away from Big Mama and hurry them inside. Every time I crack the trunk open, I get a waft of kitten. Note to self: Bathe Kennedy more frequently.

2.)    I’ll never be an intern again. Now, that might not seem like that big of a deal. After all, I’m 23 years old – it’s time to move on. But consider this: I’ve been interning since I was 17 years old. In fact, I’ve held eight internships in four different states. And I’ve been doing nothing but interning from 9-5, five days a week for the last 52 weeks. This is going to be quite the lifestyle change; one that includes, among other things, trying to find a job (Keep fingers crossed for possible health benefits!)

The job hunt hasn’t been excruciating, really. Sure, it can be easy to lose a bit of faith and confidence, but I just have to remember to take one day at a time and realize that I’ve only really been unemployed for three days. I’ve had a couple interviews so far. I drove out to Massachusetts for a second-interview yesterday, and I’ll be heading to Virginia for another second-interview next Monday. In the mean time, I figured I should blog a bit and work on my novel to keep my verbal flow going – not that I can stop my verbal flow if I tried. Hi, Blabbermouth!

3.)    Being “home” isn’t so horrible. Sometimes I can get carried away with my whole Woe Is Me bit. But when it comes down to it, Knox ain’t so bad. Dad leaves me pretty much to myself, since he’s busy building a new barn and carrying on with his own life. And my aunt has already invited me to be her “date” for a few social gatherings. Hello 60-something-year-old BFF.

And if this rain would only let up I would be able to help Dad out by doing some tractor work and pitch in with all the finer points of farm life. As it is I’ve already pledged to sell grass-fed beef every Friday night that I’m home this summer. Sure, it’s no Chuck’s, but there’s comfort in consistency, right? And who knows, maybe I’ll meet some exciting spinsters and start a knitting circle.

4.) I’m a spinster. And not even a good one. Hell, it took me more than a year to figure out that my Precious Little Princess Kitten is actually a Ferocious Man Cat. Yea, Kennedy’s a boy – have you heard? Which brings me full circle, and – like a true spinster – incorporates my cat into a blog post TWICE. If that’s not a clue to wrap it up, I don’t know what is . . .


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