4 New Nuggets of Wisdom

It’s been a while since I blogged, but instead of rambling on with apologies, I’m just gonna go ahead with my post.
I realized a few things this week.

1.)    My room really wreaked of cat. I’m back “home” now (read: Knox, NY), and working on unpacking the contents of my station wagon, which include . . . well, all my worldly possessions.

I had a pretty big room in Kutztown, so I didn’t really notice that Kennedy had laid upon every single square inch, leaving a distinct kitty-cat scent. But once all my stuff was packed into my Subaru, I observed the feline funk. Fast-forward three days: It hasn’t stopped raining since I landed in Upstate NY, so I haven’t been able to really give unpacking a fair shake. But every once in a while, the clouds part, and I’m able to steal a box or two away from Big Mama and hurry them inside. Every time I crack the trunk open, I get a waft of kitten. Note to self: Bathe Kennedy more frequently.
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