I Am Such A Bum

It's Been A Rough Weekend

It's Been A Rough Weekend

It’s been quite the weekend.

Saturday I woke up without heat or hot water. Awesome. I called a repairman, who told me it would be about 5 or 6 hours before he could white-horse it to my rescue. In the mean time, my cute little farmhouse turned into a frosty deathbox, growing colder by the minute. I decided to bake some cookies just to keep warm. I mean, if the oven’s on at 350, the kitchen will warm up a bit, right? Well, it worked. But then I was stuck with 5 dozen cookies that I didn’t really want or need. Solution: I gave them the repairman as a “thank you very much for saving me from hypothermia.”

It took about an hour after he left to get the house back up to 60 degrees . . . Which is still pretty cold, but a lot better than the 38 degrees it had been running at earlier. I think it was 9 o’clock at night by the time Kennedy emerged from beneath the down comforter. Sad kitty.

I do, however, have to give a shout out to the Orange Basketball team. Watching them beat Notre Dame helped me pass the time in a semi-comfortable, sub-zero manner.

Sunday didn’t get much better. My house was about 70 degrees when I woke up (Okay, maybe I was a little overzealous with the heat Saturday night – do you blame me?), and I enjoyed walking around and eating some of the leftover cookies for breakfast. It was about three o’clock when I decided to get a real start on my day, so I drove to Reading to buy a vacuum, in preparation to clean my room.

The vacuum was $50. I know I have more than $50 to my name. But my card was declined. Sigh. Remember that time I got robbed in Philly while visiting for Boyf’s birthday? And remember how they charged $600 worth of fast food to my credit card? Yea, well I think they struck again. My bank account was wiped out. And whoever did it even changed my pin number. So now I’m the girl with $40 cash (thank God I had just taken $40 out when I went grocery shopping the other day) who looked like a fool when she couldn’t afford a $50 vacuum. Lame.

Out of Order

Out of Order

Now it’s Monday, and I’m blogging to you from the Classy Capital of the World. The Laundromat on Noble Street in Kutztown, PA. Free Wi-Fi! Yippee!! I’m waiting for my tumble-dry-lows in the dingiest Laundromat I’ve ever set foot in. But I don’t know where to find another. The change machine here is broken, and I had to walk the main strip of Kutztown, begging cashiers to make change for my dollar.

It’s a bank holiday though, and a gas station and a drug store both turned me away. “The banks are closed, and we can’t spare our change.” But what about my tumble-dry-lows? Sigh. I was forced to seek solace at a dollar store. They helped me – no questions asked. So I scored 16 shiny new quarters and got started wishy-washing my clothes. Highlight of the day? The pregnancy test I saw in the check-out shelf at the dollar store. Do people actually trust those? I’m gonna go ahead and say that’s a bad idea.

All right. This is hobo signing off. If you happen to see me digging in your dumpsters for food later this weekend, please be kind enough to throw me a bone (preferably with meat on it), and maybe snap a picture so I can post it here.


3 Responses

  1. I don’t even want to know why you didn’t cancel ALL of your cards after they charged something on your credit card. ok or maybe I do…. Hope things start getting better!

    • Hahaha. I did cancel them all.
      And what do you mean you don’t know why I wouldn’t . . . That’s not a knock at my shopping habits is it, Miss “Dad, look how much money I saved you.”

  2. wait…if your card was canceled how did they use it?

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