Rain or Shine

It’s almost Super Bowl time, and I’m in a prime location. This year, for a limited time only, Maggie G is broadcasting live from Pennsylvania. I’m living just outside of Allentown, which puts me in prime Eagles territory. And I have to tell you, I’m excited at the prospect of an all-Pennsylvania showdown.

One reason I’m excited is pure proximity. It’s almost as cool as a subway series, though decidedly not equally cool. Bonus: not only is it purely ballin to see two teams from the same state square off, it’s even more ballin when you’re also in that state.

Do Fair Weather Fans Get Dubbed Official Fan Of The Game?

Do Fair Weather Fans Get Dubbed Official Fan Of The Game?

Another reason I’m excited is that I actually happen to be an Eagles fan. Of course you’re an Eagles fan, Maggie. Everyone’s an Eagles fan when the Eagles are in the Super Bowl. That’s what you’re thinking, right? Well let me justify myself by saying I am not a fair-weather fan. In fact, I happen to despise fair-weather fans. They’re the bane of my sporting existence. (Not that I’m a sports expert – we all know I’m not).

I think it’s safe to say I’m a pretty devoted Syracuse University fan. I never missed a basketball or football game when I was in town, and have done a bit of traveling to follow the team. I braved cold nights outside the Carrier Dome huddled in a mummy bag with my teddy bear and flannel jammies to get primo seats at basketball games, and even a (less-cold) football game or two. In fact, when my friend Heather sent me a link to an article today telling me that the Dome is admitting fans early, a little piece of me died.

I remember camping out for a Notre Dame game my junior year of college. It was freezing and I was crammed in a tent with my residents and other die-hard fans. My group braved the sub-zero temperatures and snow for five nights, all in the name of front-row seats – and one of the most amazing sporting experiments of my life. Or what about the Notre Dame game my freshman year, when we broke the college attendance record? I’ve never seen anything like the Orange Out we instituted in the stands at the Dome, or the line to get in, which actually wrapped around the physics building.

In An Old-School Photo, Rachel (left), and Maggie ask for Gerry's hand in marriage.

In An Old-School Photo, Rachel (left), and Maggie ask for Gerry's hand in marriage.

Wow. Digression. Anyway, I love Syracuse University sports, and Syracuse University athletes. As I sit here writing this in a moment of spare time at work, I have a signed picture of Gerry McNamara staring over my shoulder. (Let’s be honest, I’m still in love with him [and his three-pointer] after all these years).

So let’s think about this. Who’s the quarterback for the Eagles? McNabb, right. And where did he go to college? Oh really – he went to Syracuse? Who would’ve known? Yea. In fact, after he red-shirted a year, McNabb started every game – Every. Single. Game. – of his career at Syracuse. Not to mention, he still holds a record for the longest pass ever completed by an SU football player: 96 yards – as a freshman! And did you know he was also on the basketball team? Bet you didn’t.

So who bleeds a whole lotta orange? That guy. Which means this girl has had a massive sports crush on him for approximately 10 years. Way before he put on the green and white jersey. And there’s nothing I love seeing more than a true SU alum doing well. So yea, I’ve never been to an Eagles game, but I’ve been a McNabb fan for more than a third of my life. Fair weather my ass, Boyf.

So in conclusion – Yes. Please conclude Maggie. In fact, I stopped reading four paragraphs ago. – I say Go Eagles! And I say it proudly, regardless of how new I am to the area.


3 Responses

  1. Sports crush!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!

  2. I’m just reserving this spot for when you move to Minnesota and ALL OF A SUDDEN become a Vikings fan. Happened in Alabama, happened in PA, it’ll happen again.

  3. I’ve always loved the Vikings . . .

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