You Can Run, But You Cant Hide

Maggie and Kayleigh

Maggie and Kayleigh

I met my best friend about three years ago, when we were Resident Advisors in the same building back in college. We had too much in common not be friends, and before long we were a bit on the inseparable side. I even flew to England when she spent a semester studying abroad in London.


Before I flew up to see her this past weekend, we had gone almost three months without a visit – that’s a record for us. What I’ve found after a reunion weekend is that we’ve both changed, like I knew we would, but we both still get each other.


Apparently I have a bit of a twang now, after five months in Alabama. I don’t believe her. Not that it matters, because she has a bit of an attitude after moving to Manhattan.


She says I cook too often, and it scares her that I own an apron. You wanna know what scares me? Her food bill is astronomical! She goes out to eat for every meal, and has yet to really go grocery shopping. (Of course, we already knew this about her).


Kayleigh says I’ve gone soft – fixing up care packages for Boyf. I say she could use some of my design tips to spruce up her bland cubicle.


It’s nice to know that with 1,000 miles between us, we’re so similar we can still drive each other up a wall with nit-picking. I hope we continue annoying and harassing each other for decades to come.


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