Saddle Up: I’m Back In

She's Back!

She's back!

I’m the girl with the tattoo of a number-two pencil – the girl who would slip a work-in-progress novel beneath her math notebook in the eighth grade so she could write without the teacher noticing.

I’m the girl who sent letter after letter to her favorite author in the first grade, until she finally responded with a pink post card.

I’m the girl who got in trouble for starting a sentence with “And” in the first grade, only to tell her teacher, “It’s not that I don’t know the rules. Dr. Seuss said in an interview once, that once you know the rules, you need to start breaking them.”

I’m that girl.

When I was in college (I hate this phrase. Not only does it make me feel old to say it, though I only graduated four months ago, it also makes me feel as though I’m one of those washed-up, gas-pumping former quarterbacks yearning for the glory days), I got to write all the time.

There was news class for my news writing, The Student Voice, for the occasional column or features article, and women’s studies for 7-page academic papers about the feelings inspired by menarche. Not a week went by without at least 10 pages of writing.

Sigh. Ok. I’m a washed-up, gas-pumping former quarterback.

I went from being the girl who would spend her spare hours in the library, reading and writing, tabbing her text books, and pleasure reads with colored sticky-notes, marking a passage, paragraph or phrase that inspired me to a couch potato.

I think I lost that loving feeling.

Exhibit One: I didn’t even remember my password to log into my blog. It’s been that long.

Exhibit Two: I haven’t read a whole book since I graduated in May. I want to, believe me, but for some reason I just cant motivate myself to actually do it. Maybe it’s because my light switch is so far away from my bed, or because I’m so tired at night – either way, I have gotten halfway through three separate books without taking the plunge with any of them.

Exhibit Three: While I used to have a devout allegiance to only one show on television (R.I.P. Gilmore Girls, I will love you forever), my roomies and I now spend a considerable amount of our evening hours wrapped up in prime-time entertainment.

I have a favorite tiny tot on John and Kate Plus 8it’s Aaden in case you were wondering, he’s just so cute with his big head and tiny glasses – and grew visibly upset when my favorite Top Model contestant was given the stiletto boot last night. I defend Kenley‘s designs on Project Runway, devour the vapid and trashy weekly action on 90210, and admittedly cant get enough Privileged. I even recently signed up for a Netflix account so I could watch the previous season’s Gossip Girl, and get on the ball with what’s going on now. And don’t forget the season premiere of The Office tonight.

I know this is a lot of dirty laundry to air in a blog, but I just feel as though healthy relationships cannot sustain themselves without a high regard for honesty. So I’m going to take the leap. I’m committing myself to getting back to my non-washed up, touch-down-pass throwing self.


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  1. love it. glad you’re back, even though I’m just (randomly) finding you now. I grew up in the cuse! Strange coincidence. Anywho… are you still in dc or back at school fulltime? I contribute to a blog (digest) of dc blogs and wonder if you “count.” Either way I’ll be back, this is great. Oh, and I’m that girl, too. Don’t think it matters how long you’re away, just that you come back. 🙂

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