Behold: My Future

photo_3.jpgWarning: If Christina Crapanzano is reading this — Fear The Worst.

It was a cute joke this summer.  Down with the man.  Buy a [explicit] cat!  We joked on and off about moving around the country and working at newspapers to come home at night to one of two things:

1.)    A Cat.

2.)    A Kennedy.

So how about a cat named Kennedy?  All right, all right.  I know this will technically make me a cat lady at the ripe old age of 22 (thanks, Dad, for pointing that out), but it’s really not like that.

My grandmother bred Siamese cats for most of her life.  And even though my Aunt Pam isn’t really a fan of them, she has continued on the tradition since Grandma passed away last Christmas.  So there I was, sitting at Aunt Pam’s kitchen table when a beautiful Siamese cat landed on my lap.  What’s a girl to do?  I had to pet the thing.

And we entered into a 30-minute long snuggle fest.  While I was taming one of the world’s prissiest animals, my aunt noticed that we had hit it off and remarked, “If you ever want a Siamese, just let me know.”

After a couple glasses of wine at Christmas Dinner last night, this “let me know” turned into “I have a litter of Balinese being born near your birthday in March, which will be ready for launch around graduation.  The pick of the litter is yours — do you know what color points you want?”

Which means that when I move to [insert city, state here], I will not be going alone.  Instead, I will be packing up a precious little kitty for the ride, and making a new BFF.  I’m not sure yet whether I’ll get a boy or a girl — I don’t really have a preference.  And as far as what color points I’m going to look for… um, I think I’ll just point to one and say “Pretty.”

My other aunt, Auntie M (who is, by the way, the textbook definition of a southern belle), told me a Siamese is my first step toward becoming a real lady.  Siamese are apparently a gateway drug.  This will lead to harder things, like a pair of poodles like Auntie M’s.  She would also like to see me with blonder hair, serving tea from the family’s silver with fresh baked goods (Auntie M’s recipe of course).

A gateway drug indeed.  This cat could stomp out every bit of feminism in my body.

Or could it just be a cuddly new addition to my life?

Now for the real question: What to name it?  Is Kennedy the best bet?


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