Top Ten Reasons I Have Not Been Working On My Thesis

10.) I may have — accidentally — wandered the internet the other night, stumbling upon the ABC Family Original Series “Greek.” Then I may have — also accidentally — proceeded to watch all 10 episodes in a two-day period of time. And I have to say that while I am usually the Evan type (see: my love for Logan Huntzberger) there is something about that Cappie guy that simply rocked my world.

9.) Thesis writing is hard work. Procrastination is not hard work. Ex: I have finally updated my blog (twice) since I returned home Monday night; I baked two dozen holiday cookies; I even wrote out all my holiday cards and hand delivered them to the post office instead of sticking them in the mailbox at the end of my driveway.

8.) The mall owns my soul. I’ve been working at Aeropostale for the past couple months, and I transferred to the one in Crossgates for the two weeks I’m home. Of course we have to factor in not only the time I spend actually working my shift, but also the hour round-trip to the mall, and the 40 minutes or so it takes to find a parking spot.

7.) I think I have changed my facebook picture twice since the end of the semester. If I get any closer to beginning the intro of my thesis, I have a feeling we will see lucky number three.

6.) My dad got a new dog a couple months ago, and he is pretty much my BFF, so I spend a lot of time rough housing with him (see: my swollen, blue ring finger and the giant scratch on the right side of my face). Don’t get me wrong, the dog and I get along very well, he’s just got a lotta spunk — which I, of all people, can appreciate.

5.) The phone rings every five minutes in this house, something that didn’t bother me much as a child, since it just seemed completely normal. Now I see that it’s just an inordinate amount of phone calls, half of which Dad never returns, and all of which he is never here to answer. Translation: Secretary Duty.

4.) Speaking of the phone… I don’t really talk to many people from my hometown any more, after all, it’s been four years since I loaded up Mom’s SUV and decided to rarely, if ever, look back. So being here means I’m not around my good friends. In other words, my cell phone is almost always in use and my screen name is running on overdrive.

3.) When searching for inspiration to write my thesis on Monday night, I googled “writing quotes” and proceeded to look through about 150 inspirational quote about writing. It really did inspire me, but by the time I was done reading them all it was time for bed.

2.) I’m not really in a rush when I’m here. Usually at school it’s: wake up early; class; class; meeting; class; class; meeting; work; homework; shower; bed; up early… Here it’s: sleep until I’m done sleeping; shower; leisurely prepare for work; drive/find parking for work; work; home; “Greek”; bed.

1.) Maybe it’s because I haven’t had enough caffeine in my system the past couple days, and my body is in a state of confusion?


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