Top Ten Reasons To Go Home For Thanksgiving

10.) To be quite honest, the last time you did laundry was the last time you were home — and that was in September. You can only go out and buy new underwear so many times in a semester without feeling like you’re wasting money. It’s time to finally bundle up your 50-plus pounds of dirty clothes, haul it home, and smell like the Snuggles Bear again.

9.) Turkey sounds really good right about now. Especially since there is no chance of it being served with blue-box macaroni and cheese or pepperoni pizza, the only two pieces of sustenance that have entered your mouth in the past two weeks…. Besides Diet Mountain Dew of course.

8.) You can actually get in your car to drive home for Thanksgiving. It’s been so long since you and your little four-wheel lady got to spend quality time together. At school, you’re always walking to class and you feel as though you haven’t given her the attention she deserves.

7.) You have a couple new “that’s what she said” jokes you can’t wait to test out on your dad, who truly appreciates these little zings — maybe even more than you.

6.) You have a feeling your parents’ new dog/cat/chameleon (whatever kind of pet they recently purchased in your absence) might be getting a bit too comfortable as an only child. You hear rumors that it sleeps in your bed, sits beneath your chair at the dinner table, and even responds to your name. It’s time you go home and set this step-child straight. You are in control here, and no four-legged critter is going to steal your spot in the family tree.

5.) Your liver has been working on overdrive for the last … um, well about 12 weeks now, and you have a feeling it could get some much-needed vacation at home. That is until Aunt Ellie shows up at the dinner table with a jug of hard apple cider and too many childhood stories to tell.

4.) It’s a reason to turn the heat in your apartment down to approximately 42 degrees for five days, so you can save on the bill for the month. Not to mention the fact that you can enjoy the heat of your real home at your parents’ expense. Turn the heat up to 75? Sounds like a great idea to me.

3.) As long as your sitting in your parent’s living room it’s completely possible to forget about the fact that you have 27 pages worth of papers due the next Monday, two tests on Tuesday, a creative project due by noon on Thursday, and approximately 12 hours worth of paperwork to accomplish during the following week.

2.) Your sister just bought the complete series of Sex And The City on DVD and is offering a bowl of popcorn if you share the love with her.

1.) You’ll probably get a free tank of gas from your parents, a twenty shoved in your jacket pocket from Grandpa, enough pie for a week, and one too many cheek pinches… Yup, there’s nothing like going home for the holidays.


One Response

  1. Love the list. All true… even when you’re not talking about going home from college. I’ve got my parents coming into town so no change in heat consumption, but looking forward to homecooked meals and required detox (yay for liver breather). Have a good one!

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