No Use Crying Over Chunky Milk

It’s amazing how long three 21-year-old women can survive without going grocery shopping.  I think our new record is three weeks.

Three weeks.  Let me put this into perspective for you.  Kayleigh thought it would be a fabulous idea to drink some milk the other day — straight from the carton, because of course when your mother’s not here to watch you, drinking from the carton is pretty darn tempting.  So there she was, refrigerator open, thirsty as hell, and finding nothing but milk and a couple beers.  She figured she’d take the chance with the milk.

It seemed like a great idea at the time — until she had to spit the chunks back to the sink.

I told her that’s why our mothers always told us not to drink from the carton.  If she had only poured it into a glass first, she would have seen its great attempt to turn into cheese.  She would have been warned.  As it was, she learned her lesson.

Well, maybe not really, because it was still another three weeks until we finally made our way to the grocery store tonight.

I think the best thing about grocery shopping with my roommates is that we always grab a loaf of fresh French bread when we first walk in, and eat it as we stroll through the aisles.  Now, I know what your thinking: What a bunch of Fatty McFat Fats.  But it’s not like that.  Think about it.  It’s a horrible idea to shop on an empty stomach (especially when you’re a poor college student), and the doorway of the supermarket is pretty much the first time we’ve seen food in about a month.

Today’s food adventure was pretty uneventful.  High School Musical 2 was over at 10 o’clock, and we were out the door 10 minutes later, singing along to the High School Musical Original Soundtrack — Yes, I understand this is quite pathetic, to be completely honest, there’s something about this CD that just makes me happy.

We started out by grabbing our token loaf of bread, ripping off bits and pieces and shoving them in our mouths like savages.  Then we sped down the aisles, looking for as many generic, bulk food items as we could find.  Mac and Cheese by the twelve-pack?  Sign me up!
After buying what we deemed to be the bare necessities, we finally wheeled ourselves to the checkout line, where our eyes popped out of our heads.  How did we spend $120?  We didn’t even buy toilet paper, much less dish soap or mozzarella cheese.  Cue a car-ride home filled with complaining about inflation, the state of the economy as a whole, and of course, capitalism.

While unloading our bags back at the house, I notice that in our money-saving efforts, we decided to buy a single half-gallon of milk.  I can see this backfiring on us in the future…

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4 Responses

  1. Everyone knows milk is a good for a little while after its sell-by date. I once had a roommate who would use milk for awhile even after the post sell-by date window had closed, and he’d justify it by saying that he was using it for cooking. I’d argue “Dude, it’s not like water. Boiling it doesn’t make it good. Milk changes physically when it starts to get bad. Heating it up isn’t going to change that.” Granted, he wasn’t pouring liquid cheese into the pot, but milk 10 days after the sell-by date is not going to enter my system under any circumstances.

    I’m glad to see you had no designs on putting that milk anywhere other than in the trash. Or at least that’s what I hope you did.

  2. Too funny on the milk. I found switching to soy/almond was economical since it lasts so much longer, but that’s just me.

    Love the blog though… first time stumbling through here!

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  4. Awesome, I did not know about this topic up to now. Thankz.

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