Top Ten Signs You Need A Vacation

10.) You find yourself so consumed with your work and other commitments that you can’t actually remember the last time you washed your hair, although you’re pretty sure it was a Thursday. This Thursday? Maybe.

9.) Your roommates start referring to you as Uncle Fester as they joke about the saucer-sized bags under your formerly blue (now foggy gray) eyes.

8.) You handed in your English paper the other day, quite proud of yourself. As the professor hands it back to you in class you are almost giddy to see just how much she loved it. Then you see the big red F circled at the top of the paper. You had been so tired while writing your treasure that you didn’t even notice you typed it all up in Spanish.

7.) Your alarm clock is broken. Your cell phone is in pieces across your bedroom. Your iHome is covered in Band-aids. Why? Because you have literally beaten the crap out of every instrument that attempts to wake you up in an orderly fashion — including your roommate, who is less than pleased.

6.) Your day planner went missing for approximately 15 minutes, after you left it at your last caffeine-refuel location, and you almost combusted. There was hair-pulling, cursing, lip-biting, foot-stomping, jumping up an down, slam-dancing, and of course frantic phone calls to anyone who might have a clue where exactly your BFF might be.

5.) Ur only route to survival has been the cat naps you’ve been able to squeeze in throughout the day in 10 minute intervals. They seemed like a great idea at first, until you realized you hadn’t been in your bed in more than a week, and your body left a permanent imprint on your brand new couches.

4.) Between meetings, classes, work, and homework, you haven’t really been outside in days. You find yourself having to wear sunglasses between classes, even though the skies over your city (ex: Syracuse, NY) are always gray, simply because your eyes have forgotten how to respond to natural light.

3.) Your mom is “worried about you,” something you haven’t heard since you didn’t make the tennis team in sixth grade.

2.) The pizza delivery man tells you he misses you after a three day period of not showing up on your doorstep. You’re almost too guilty to let him know that you have had Chinese food and a pita in his absence. It’s better he doesn’t know about the other men in your life.

1.) You realize you actually spent your sole snippet of free time writing a blog entry about what it’s like to not have free time…


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  1. well this is useful… (at least for me)

    very thanks

    travel worldwide

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