We have lift off

I’m an intern. I don’t know about you, but when I was imagining my job responsibilities for the summer, I was thinking something along the lines of fetching a caramel macchiato on cue, and tripping over stilettos as I dashed frantically to the copy machine, over and over again. Copying, collating, Post-it-noting, and maybe, just maybe, getting to write.

Well, there’s been no need for me to fetch lattes, espressos, or other forms of caffeine here, except for the vat I consume myself each day. And I have yet to run into a power-tripping, Prada-wearing devil of an editor. Sure, I’ve made a few photo copies. But all collating has been for the various research projects and fact checks I’ve done. Post its have served as material to scribble agents’ phone number, writers’ e-mail addresses, and the occasional self-on-self game of Tic Tac Toe — I always win!

My name hasn’t been in the magazine yet. But I contributed to a cover story— Wanna know why August, 2007 is the best stargazing month EVER?? — due out August 5. I’m getting a few contributing lines for some stories I’ve written in our Who’s News section, best described as our own version of Page Six. And I just submitted my original piece to a senior editor, who is passing it along to Jack, the magazine’s executive editor. Let’s hope it flies.

Who’s News editor Lorrie Lynch has been busting her buns working on a blog for her column, and it’s due to go live within the next couple weeks. It seems like everyone is blogging these days… even Maggie Gordon. They’re letting me help on that a bit. My interview Monday morning with the uber-hunky Tim Vincent of Access Hollywood will produce pieces both for the magazine and the Blog. The sound of his British accent is also sure to produce a massive crush. From me. To him.

Speaking of crushes, now is probably a great time to point out that I have recently entered into a relationship… with the Planet Earth. I’m all about going green. And who can we say is to blame for this? None other than USA WEEKEND Magazine, which is putting out an all-green issue this fall, which I did most of the research for. So if I might preach a bit to whoever you are who’s reading this (please say there is someone reading this), do yourself a favor. By locally. Eat organic. Drive less. Drive a Prius! Recycle. Send a love letter to Al Gore — or better yet, an e-mail… why waste the tree?

Well, it seems I have hit the end of the time period allotted to me for my first post. Please, don’t judge me based on the lack of humor and active verbs I have used today. I promise, they’re here, in my head, somewhere, waiting to manifest themselves on the Web. I’m just trying to dip in a toe before I dive in head first. So I bid you adieu, Reader. I promise the next post will be more worth your time.


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